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We export used tractors from Japan

tractor info

Our company exports used tractors and farming equipment from Japan to any destination in the world.

There are many types of good tractors from big to small and various farming machinery like sprayers, harvesters and other utilities that can help you in agriculture.

Please read below

NO Stock available! We buy from Japanese Auctions on customer order basis.

We will explain below what are the advantages to buy from Japanese Machinery Auctions.

  • Buying directly from Japanese Auctions is convenient because you are not limited only to the stock that one company can provide, so you have access to all the types of machinery featured in Japan, which update every week with new units constantly.

  • We provide you access to the Online Auction Platform for free, where you can browse all the machinery that may interest you, and also view for free the powerful tool of Sales Statistics, where it is shown all the real prices of the machinery that sold in the past 3 months, which gives you a great insight on market prices and helps you create a buying strategy.

  • For all machinery bought at the auctions, we will arrange pick up and delivery to our yard in Toyama, Japan, where we will keep them until they are ready to be shipped by container to your destination (units will be kept until we have enough quantity to fill out a container)

tractor procedure

Auction Buying Procedure

* In case if you are used to buy only from stock, please don't be afraid to buy from the auctions, the process is actually very simple

  • We provide access to the online auction platform

  • You register a new account for yourself for free

  • You browse the Live Auctions category to search for lots that may interest you, and browse the Sales Statistics category to understand the market prices

  • You send us all the lots that interest you, and we translate (for free) the auction sheet and reply, so you can take a decision if the condition is good for you

  • After you decide based on the auction sheet translation, you communicate us the maximum bid amount and our staff tries to win the auction lot for your max bid or lower.

  • In case if we win the auction lot for less than your maximum bid, of course you will pay the exact winning amount + our Company fee for purchasing (please read the financial part below)

tractor finacial

Financial Part

* Please read this in order to be eligible for auction purchasing

  • ​In order to start purchasing from auctions, we require that you transfer a deposit of minimum 1000 $ (the amount can be more, depending on your buying requirements which will be discussed before we start to work). The deposit amount will be credited to your purchases or refunded in full if you decide to stop working with our Company.

  • After we receive your deposit, we can accept your bids for any auction lots

  • when we sucessfully win an auction lot, we make the payment invoice with the total amount and send it to you, and expect payment in the next 2-3 days.

  • for each auction purchase, the total cost is created from the auction winning price + the Company buying fee.

Auction price + Company buying fee = total price at our yard

(without shipping to your country)

Company buying fee includes =

Auction charge, Government recycle fee, delivery from auction yard to our Company yard, Company profit

The Co. buying fee is discussed with each customer in part. We do not disclose the price on our website to not support the price competition among competitors, each has their own business.

tractor foto

Photo gallery

Please have a look at photos of our work. All images have been made by us exclusively.


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