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Our contribution:

Sustainability through reuse

We offer quality and professional buying services from Japan, customer support and know how in the auto & motorized  business. But beside all of these services, we contribute to the society by sustainability through recycling.


Japan teaches it's society to recycle and re-utilize any used goods, and here we are not speaking only about home waste, but virtually about anything that can be recycled or reutilized. The same goes of course for the auto industry, which has some of the largest life span and up-cycle in the used goods category.

We try to advocate the same values and promote sustainability around the globe by offering quality used goods that still have to offer a long serving time for it's designated work and thus help maintain a cleaner environment.

Likewise, we strive to provide maintenance and spare parts so that vehicles or equipment may be sustained around the globe and be used for a longer period.

Our Company is committed to help you find good value among the multitude of used goods sold in Japan. Contact us now and let us start working together and contribute to a cleaner environment.


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