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Another wide business direction of our company are car dismantles for parts. We normally buy cars at Japanese used car auctions, receive them at our yard and make a full car dismantle or nose cut / half cut, per customer's demand. We then load the parts by category in containers, either 20ft or 40 ft.


Even if cars sold in Japan are right hand drive, many domestic models are the same as the ones sold in international markets. That way, the service we provide is compatible to most spare parts businesses around the world. The only parts that differ from left hand drive cars are the steering wheel shaft and the car's plastic dashboard. There are also a lot of models of European made cars, which are sold in Japan, are in good condition and may bring good supply if you operate in this sector.


If you are a spare parts dealer, or have a repair shop you should get in touch with us and start buying used cars from Japan for parts. As always stated, the process is hassle free - you browse and choose the cars on our online auction platform, we bid and buy the lot for you. After that, we receive the vehicle(s) at our yard and begin the dismantle process. We order regularly the container shipping when the number of dismantled units is enough to fill, already depending on your requests, if it is either a 20ft or 40 ft container.


This business opportunity which we provide is convenient since you buy a whole car and have us make a full dismantle into spare parts (or nose cut / half cut, front clips) and have them expertly and carefully loaded into containers and shipped to your destination.


A quick breakdown of the process itself:

Car choosing & bidding -> car purchase and delivery to our yard -> dismantle and packing for parts -> preliminary packing list sent to customer for inspection -> container loading and final packing list, general photos of parts and container loading -> container delivery to your destination and according documents for import. (payment as per initial agreement)


Feel free to contact us for any questions and additional information you may need in order to move forward with your orders from Moto Shonin!

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