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Mini trucks for USA

The minitrucks or kei trucks of Japan are famous as are they convenient. Made for cramped spaces, these trucks can carry up to 700 kg! and many models feature 4x4 traction, which adds a lot of strength in off-road places.

They were built initially to satisfy the Keijidōsha (軽自動車, "light vehicle") statutory class

Since the 25 year exempt law in the States, US customers favor the mini trucks for various tasks, especially hunting, fishing, work across the ranch and others.

There are several models that might interest you, such as the Honda Acty truck, Suzuki Carry truck, Nissan Clipper, Subaru Sambar, Daihatsu Hijet, Mazda Scrum.

The best part - here at Moto Shonin, we are ready to offer our know how and experience in buying the best minitrucks for you - over 25 years old but in good condition, fairly low mileage and at convenient rates.

We can fit for you 6 to 7 minitrucks in one 40 ft HC container and ship it to your destination. That way you receive the best cost for shipping to USA.

Contact us and let us find together the kei trucks that fit your needs and here our recommendations when buying from Japan!

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