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Used cars from Japan

Everyone is familiar with the Japanese car manufacturers. They are some of the market's top leaders. You can easily see a Toyota or a Honda in your neighborhood, a Nissan or Mazda around the corner, Subaru engine sounds :).

But what makes it different with used cars bought from Japan, made for the domestic market?

We will try to share some of the advantages:

  • tens of interesting models that are available only for Japan, some of examples would be the kei cars, or family vans

  • quality roads that inflict the minimum ware on the cars

  • rigorous technical inspection that mandate the owners to have their vehicle checked and repaired

  • a wide range of used inventory available due to a good market product rotation

  • high percent of transparency on vehicle condition posted by owners before sale

  • quality fuel and oils used in driving and maintenance

  • original and top quality spare parts used in repairs and maintenance

Another important benefit we would like to point out for interested buyers over the seas is of course the logistics, both inland and abroad. On time domestic delivery of the vehicles bought at auctions, reliable container shipping services and some of the world's best RORO (Roll on / Roll off) delivery to almost any destination that has RORO discharge facility.

Of course, bad apples are everywhere, but Moto Shonin has got you covered with premium support and all included service to ensure a pleasant buying experience from Japan.

Contact us and let's work together!

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